Thanksgiving Prices for Turkey and Potatoes Increased by 17%.

Inflation Is Making the Thanksgiving Staple Too Valuable This Year Because of Inflation Maybe you might want to make some room on the table for inflation this Thanksgiving—because of inflation, that’s why it’s making your festive favorites more expensive than ever. Key Takeaways Inflation costs almost all of your Thanksgiving must-haves this year compared to … Read more

Fox Us Usa News You Need To Know on Oct. 4, 2022

This Week Could Show How the Fed Is Impacting the Job Market This week will be very important for the jobs data, which can have a significant impact on inflation and the overall health of the economy. On Friday, the Labor Department will release its September jobs report. As projected so far, economists expect unemployment … Read more

How a Strong US Dollar Affects Your Wallet

The strength of the US dollar is good for consumers in some ways but hurts in others. Compared to some of the other major currencies, the U.S. The dollar has rarely been more valuable, but whether it’s a good or bad thing for your wallet most of all depends on who you are and where … Read more