The Best Legal Jobs for You in Terms of Income

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Are you a law school student curious about the highest and lowest-paying legal professions we bring to you today? Although this shouldn’t be the deciding factor when choosing the type of law you want to practice, many law school students naturally give it some good thought.

In today’s era, there are many more employment options in the legal industry sector. You can do much more than just practice law. You can work as a teacher, business manager, or politician. Opting to be a lawyer may be the most consistently lucrative for you, but there are many different areas of law in this profession that you can specialize in.


Salaries can range from the federal minimum wage to a nine-figure income, according to geographic region, market demand, amount of expertise, practice environment, and firm size.

Trial Lawyers

As of today, “trial lawyer” is one of the best-paid categories of lawyers worldwide. Today, there are thousands of civil litigators working around the world, but those who deal with high-profile, high-dollar, and high-stakes cases get paid the most.

However, not all lawyers make a lot of money. Many solitary practitioners and public interest advocates make modest livings. According to ZipRecruiter, by the middle of 2022, according to PayScale, the average compensation for trial lawyers was $99,000, while the median salary was $119,000.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

The laws governing intellectual property protect concepts such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other profitable ideas. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, this area of law is one of the fastest growing and, statistically, one of the most profitable. The median salary in February 2022 was closer to $129,000. High-end attorneys can earn up to $252,000 annually.

Tax Attorneys

These lawyers assist both individuals and corporations in resolving tax concerns. They support you with everything from estate planning to challenging the IRS ( Internal Revenue Service). They are often important consultants when one is starting a business or when contracts need to be drawn up.


Your compensation may change depending on your location.

Although the profession of tax lawyers is not as glamorous as that of trial lawyers, they still earn a respectable salary. As of June 2022, his typical salary was around $102,000, although some lawyers were earning as much as $195,000.

Real Estate Attorneys

Real estate lawyers analyze offers and contracts to make sure both buyers and sellers get fair deals. Although real estate attorneys earn a respectable income, as of August 2022, the median salary compensation was only about $87,000. However, these attorneys can earn up to about $133,000 per year.


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in May 2021, the median annual salary for attorneys of all types was $127,990. The term “median” means that half of all lawyers made more money than this and the other half made less.

Chief Legal Officers

General Counsel, sometimes referred to as the Chief Legal Officer (CLO), is in charge of a company’s legal division. The remuneration of the general counsel increases with the size of the company. CLOs in charge of sizable international companies can make up to seven figures. Chief Legal Officers get bonuses, stock options, and other benefits in addition to their regular salary, which can significantly increase their compensation package.

According to PayScale, Chief Legal Officers earned a typical salary of about $207,000 in August 2022, with $338,000 being the highest salary in the region.

Judges and Hearing Officers

In federal, state, and municipal courts, hearings are presided over by judges and hearing officers. In May 2021, the median annual salary for judges and magistrates was $148,030, while that for administrative law judges, hearing officers, and adjudicators was $102,550. Compared to.

Judges in the federal court system receive the highest salaries. The lowest-paid are local magistrates and judges. Most judges receive decent perks, such as cost reimbursement and retirement contributions on their behalf, in addition to their higher salaries. As a result, the size of their compensation package increases.

Members of Congress

If you appreciate the concept of fighting to change laws for the benefit of a whole state or country, a career in politics may be for you. Although it’s not technically necessary, having a law degree may surely assist. The average salary for members of Congress is $174,000, and as of 2022, the Speaker of the House will get roughly $223,500.

Law School Professor

Law professors instruct legal courses, conduct legal research, and produce academic writing in their areas of specialization. Pay varies by location and by the academic institution. In January 2022, the median pay for full professors was $132,000, while the highest pay was $202,000.

It’s difficult to get hired as a professor at a law school. Top applicants should possess the following qualifications: a law degree from a prestigious law school, membership in a law review, a strong academic record, judicial clerkship experience, legal practice experience, and publications in scholarly journals.

Litigation Support Director

As technology transforms law firms, legal experts who are also computer adept are earning more money. reports that the typical pay for litigation support managers was $131,245 as of July 2022. Most high earners have graduate degrees in technology, business, finance, or a legal degree.

The directors of litigation support oversee the firm’s e-discovery programs, technological resources, and litigation support operations. Given the increasing need for these specialists and the scarcity of skilled employees, litigation support salaries are expected to increase.


Salary is an important consideration in any job today, but it is even more important that you are passionate about what you do so that both you and your firm can be successful in the right way.

Legal Office Administrator

The business and administrative features of running a law practice office are overseen by legal office administrators or chief managing officers (CMOS). They are responsible for managing the non-legal parts of the legal profession, including practice management, business development, personnel resources, facility management, technology, and marketing. As of July 2022, his median salary was $69,197, with a high of $86,570.

Typically, lawyers at most large firms put in fewer hours than law firm managers. CMO roles require less education. Many people in this position only have a bachelor’s degree. For individuals looking for a lucrative position in the legal field, this can be a great career option.

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